Wednesday, May 25, 2011

YouTube - Anonymous on Protect IP Bill

YouTube - Anonymous on Protect IP Bill

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Anonymous on Protect IP Bill

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Hello This Is A Message From Anonymous. It Is Time For Change. You Can Help. Our Weapon Is Information. We Must Spread This On All Levels And Forms. We Are In A Battle To Inform The Public Of Our Existence. Together We Can Make Anonymous A Sight That Surpasses The Horizon. If You Feel You Wish To Contribute But Think Your Input Or Effort Will Be Insignificant In The Eyes Of Others. Even Carrying The Banner Is A Huge Part To Informing The Public. Look Around You For Everyone You See Has The Ability To Be Apart Of Us. To Accuse Anyone To Be Or Not Be Associated With Us Is To Accuse Every Citizen Of The World. It Is The Art Of Being One, Yet Being Nothing. Together We Can Not Fail. This is a call to arms. This is a call for the the freedom fighters. For the outliers. For the forgotten. This is a call for intellectuals. A call for journalists. This is a call for free thinkers. A call for the intelligentsia. This is a call for poets. A call for the strong. And a call for the weak. This is a call to the youth. To the wise. To the clever.

We are asking for you to join us. We exist in the the streets of Tokyo. To the heights of New York. From the bellows of Paris. To the pillars of Munich. From the frost bitten square of Moscow. To the cobble streets of Dublin. This is a call to the world. To the youth. Join us for the freedom of information.

Search for us and you shall find us. We are among you. We are of you. Everyone you speak to is potentially a member. We have no leaders. Only direction. We have no targets. Only outcomes. We cannot be stopped, because we are an idea. We cannot be removed, because we are transparent.YouTube - Anonymous on Protect IP Bill