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Scott Brown Begs David Koch For Money

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http://thinkprogress.org/2011/03/07/scott-brown-david-koch-money/ 3/4/11: At the opening ceremony of the MIT Koch Cancer Institute, Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) thanks petrochemical billionaire David Koch and his wife Julia for their support in Brown's special election, and asks for more money for his re-election campaign in 2012.

Noam Chomsky - How And Why Corporations And Governments Manipulate Us

Michigan Protests - This is OUR HOUSE!

Scott Walker Proposes Union Compromise In E-Mails


"Senate Republicans spent hours going over the compromise plan Tuesday morning in a closed-door meeting, Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said. He acknowledged that pressure was increasing on the senators, saying the recall efforts launched against eight Republicans was "on everybody's minds."

"Everybody's obviously receiving a lot of pressure," Fitzgerald said. "I had people on my front porch before I left this morning.""

Noam Chomsky: Big Business Dictates the Presidency

[UPDATED] Breaking: GOP replaces TWO members of Commerce and Labor Committee to ensure SB 5 passage


by ModernEsquire on March 8, 2011

"According to a house source, Republicans have on the first day of hearings replaced a member of the Commerce and Labor Committee in order to ensure passage of SB5. The makeup of the committee is 9-6 Republican. There are two freshman on the committee and what they are apparently doing is letting one freshman vote no to avoid electoral fallout, but they can’t let two people vote no or SB5 will not make it out."

Daily Show: 'Your Wisconsin Cheese Will Run Red With Blood!'


Posted on March 8, 2011 by Alicia

Intrepid reporter Jon Oliver travels to the far-flung land of northern Illinois—approximately 13 miles from the Wisconsin border and right off I-90—to track down the Wisconsin Democratic 14.

New Netroots Organization Founded Independent of Dems

Jeff Cohen: Most current net based organizing groups too connected to the Democratic Party which ties their hands

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Proposes Union Compromise BY: Richard Long Published: March 08, 2011


Richard Long writes, "Under the compromise, state workers would still pay more for health insurance and pension plans, saving the state nearly $330 million in two years.

“It’s not a done deal,” Rick Newhouse, a political analyst in New York, told Politically Illustrated, adding, “but they’re working hard to end the stalemate.”"

"It’s almost over and the Democrats have won.”

How Dems are winning: Mark Miller keeps his cool, Scott Fitzgerald blows up


"Sometimes, it is simply best to let the members of the Wisconsin Senate speak for themselves about the dispute between the Republicans and the 14 Democrats who have refused to provide a quorum to pass Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.

Early Monday, Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller, D-Monona, wrote a letter offering to negotiate with Walker and Republican legislative leaders.

Within hours, the governor had held a press conference in which he dismissed and derided Miller’s offer. Then Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, replied to Miller with what seemed to us to be one of the crudest letters seen in modern political discourse.

But we’ll let readers decide who is serious about resolving the impasse and who is playing politics."
wisconsin , demand that scott walker resigns now!
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Walker Releases E-mails From Talks With Key Dems -- And Dems Fire Back


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TPMDC Ground Shift: Are Wis. Republicans Now Getting Worn Down?

Eric Kleefeld | March 8, 2011, 3:25PM

"But with the GOP's efforts to wear the Dems down now stalling out, is it in fact Republicans who might be getting worn down? It appears that more Republican state Senators have been becoming critical of the package. This, too, could very well sputter out -- but Dems only need three defections out of the 19-member GOP caucus to defeat the bill.

State Sen. Dale Schultz has been publicly undecided since a week ago. Late last week, he sounded awfully critical of the bill -- and indeed, tired of the whole controversy -- in a radio interview: "All I know is, we're not talking. We're wasting valuable time about collective bargaining, which I don't ever remember being a part of the last election whatsoever. But most of all, you know, to me, this just looks like the classic overreach we see every two years." Eric Kleefeld

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'The Daily Show' Searches For The Wisconsin 14 In Illinois (VIDEO) The Huffington Post


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Scott Walker: Could he be the most polarizing governor in America? By Craig Gilbert of the Journal Sentinel

http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/news/117577493.html (full article)

According to Craig Gilbert of the Journal Sentinel "When Republican Scott Walker got elected governor last fall, most Wisconsinites didn’t have very strong feelings about him.
But in a matter of weeks, that’s all changed. Walker has not only become a far more polarizing figure than he was last fall. But his polling numbers are beginning to set him apart from other governors around the country.
What does it mean to be polarizing?"

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More rules released for State Capitol visitors

BILL NOVAK | The Capital Times | bnovak@madison.com madison.com| Posted: Tuesday, March 8, 2011 7:00 am


http://www.usuncut.org/actions/125 click here

US Uncut
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Washington D.C., Thu May 5th 2011
Added on Fri Mar 4th 2011, 7:09pm UTC — last updated Mon Mar 7th 2011, 8:11pm UTC

Fund education, social security and healthcare, not war and arms manufacturers.

UNCUT MARCH ON W.D.C. to last 4 days, May 5th thru May 8th! First day; May 5th, is also an INTERNATIONAL DAY OF WORK STOPPAGE. We are protesting the attempt to further expropriate the public's wealth, by cutting funding to our public services, and the corporate influence in government which is driving these cuts. While we aspire to present the public in numbers too big to ignore, before the nation's Capitol, we urge the perpetual continuation of this protest until the reform we require is achieved! Bring food, blankets, tents, t.p.,... We want to be there in numbers too big to ignore! Try to arrange participation in shifs, so that there is perpetual representation of our cause, there.

Bring signs and banners protesting specific cuts or proposed cuts! We encourage entertainment to make the time spent more enjoyable.
Contact details

Contact each and every friend and citizen whom may be able to, or want to, travel to W.D.C. for 4 days, and, or, participate in the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF WORK STOPPAGE ON May 5th.

Refer to The Reform Revolution group posts at Current.Com for further details.


Facebook Invitation
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Time:Thursday, May 5 at 8:00am - May 9 at 11:30pm
Location:Washingtion DC Capitol building
Created By:Leslie Bicknell


Calling for a world wide day of work stoppage, to coordinate with the first day of a 4 day "Uncut" march on Washington D.C. A work stoppage day will demonstrate to government and corporate right that the people are the country, and the people are the source of their profits, and the people have the power to demand that which belongs to them, namely; [ The benefits from their own money! ]. Plan for four days of accommodations or bring tents, sleeping bags or blankets, in case the hotels are over crowded. We may have to sleep on the Capitol lawn. Bring as many food provisions as you can, in case local purveyors run out. Bring handy wipes and t.p. Encourage entertainers to join to make the time pass more enjoyably.

Contact any and all friends and citizens who can and wish to take a stand in our collective defense, and demand government reform, by spending 4 days on the Capitol Mall May 5th through May 9th.

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Best Hip-Hop Video About Wisconsin Since...Ever

Best Hip-Hop Video About Wisconsin Since...Ever(click here)
Posted on March 4, 2011 by Peter
estimated playtime:4 minutes

It’s called “American Workers vs. Multi-Billionaires,” and we can’t stop hitting the “replay” button. Is there a way to make YouTube videos loop all day?

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Recall Senator Alberta Darling /Info and free bumper sticker


Get A Free "Recall Alberta Darling" Bumper Sticker
Alberta Darling has stood with Scott Walker and his extreme budget that will slash millions from our schools, universities and communities, and his power grab that takes away the rights of teachers, librarians, nurses and other workers. Get our free sticker now to show support to recall Alberta Darling for standing with Scott Walker's attack on Wisconsin.

Make Wall Street Pay! Angry Homeowners Shut Down B of A and Boehner's Office | Economy | AlterNet

Make Wall Street Pay! Angry Homeowners Shut Down B of A and Boehner's Office | Economy | AlterNet

A CALL to STAND together with OHIO "TODAY"

Ohio Stands With Wisconsin February 26, 2011
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Statehouse- Columbus Ohio. Last few minutes of a rally to support our union sisters and brothers and to protest Ohio SB5 which aims to strip workers of their collective bargaining rights. United crowd and people driving by on High Street honking in agreement.

(This exhibit is operational but not fully designed...sorry for the inconvenience)

You can show your support T O D A Y ! follow these 2 groups for the latest news about the rally today....

Please visit the DIRECT LINKS TO UNcut OHIO and show support today by reading and LIKING UnCut Ohio the political group (below)
Alec Climate Hawk Johnson I'll be attending and carrying posters that raise Uncut awareness while supporting the spirit of the rally: "Don't cut Teachers, Don't cut Cops, Don't cut Taxes from the Top." This is also a good chant!
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Alec Climate Hawk Johnson Not to cast aspersions on this page, which is useful for sure, but the page that is a "political organization" is linked with US Uncut and may be somewhat more up to date. It might be wise to visit both.http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_107201906026866¬if_t=group_activity#!/pages/US-Uncut-Ohio/198530853505918
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Wisconsin’s Legacy of Labor Battles

The New York Times
Published: March 5, 2011


Anonymous: the new face of cyber-war


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Anonymous, or Anon, is a movement made up of a number of nameless internet activists from around the world.

For many, the 'hacktivist' group has become the face of the new cyber-war against oppressive governments and all-powerful corporates. Others say the group's actions are reckless.

Describing itself as "the freedom of speech, the freedom of information and the freedom of expression taken to a logical extreme," Anon says it breaks laws, but only for the greater good.

Al Jazeera's Scott Heidler reports.