Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tim Eastman in Kiev | Facebook


I got in a few hours ago, I'm staying right off the square, even closer than I had thought, so I'm in a really good location. I took a walk through the camp, there are some serious and amazing barricades up, and lots of big army tents. Everything looks really well-organized, there are stoves going and piles of chopped wood. There's a big stage with jumbo screens on the sides. People are milling around, many look embattled, some very weathered faces, a lot dressed in military surplus gear. It looks like a pretty even divide between old and young. People seem a little wary, understandably. There were some uniformed police (military?) around but fewer than I expected.
I bought a sim card but it's having some connection issues, could be because there are so many people around, so updates from the ground may be spotty. For now I'll try to update from my computer as much as possible.

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