Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Hampshire Legislature Turns Policy Reins Over To ALEC

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crooksandliars.comRepublicans in the New Hampshire legislature seemingly have ceded all control of the state to the American Legislative Exchange Council by introducing an unprecedented seven of ALEC's pieces of model legislation in the past week. ALEC …

Bureau of Indian Affairs ::: BREAKING ON WI MINE ISSUE!

Paul Shinkle and 4 others shared I Stand with the Bad River Tribe's note: Bureau of Indian Affairs ::: BREAKING ON WI MINE ISSUE!
BREAKING ON WI MINE ISSUE! "...The US Dept of the Interior, Indian Affairs has assigned Kimberly Bouchard, Great Lakes Agency Superintendent, to look into possible Treaty violations by WI Assembly passing this Bill. Contact her at 715-682-4527, Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM with concerns." Why? ...

Big Money Blog: The Man Behind The Mine

The man behind the current mining deregulation bill.

The Democracy Campaign first started noticing large campaign contributions from mining interests to Wisconsin politicians just over a year ago, long before the mining bill was introduced. All of the money came from out of state. Roughly a quarter of the donations came from West Virginia mining magnate Chris Cline.
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