Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Election Integrity

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"A permanent, online web cache of photo stills revealing just *some* of the GLARING and ALARMING ballot "irregularities" recently seen during the STATE WIDE (VIRTUAL) HAND RECOUNT of the SUPREME COURT ELECTION, held on April 5th, 2011.

The following was recently compiled through the collective efforts and shared documentation from many wonderful citizen observers from all over the Great Badger State of WI. The EI community commends them for all their diligence, tenacity and hard work, and thanks them for the important contribution it's lending to *all* American Voters. This kind of real time photographic documentation of evidence in real time is, to our knowledge completely unprecedented. Amazing..."

"I am urging everyone to join the Election Integrity Group... There is a "ground swell" here about Election Fraud. You will be able to follow conversations between local and national people about the situation here in Wisconsin. Become informed directly, view primary documents, make up your own mind... and help put the pressure on the media to end the silence about this most insidious situation. We MUST become informed and inform others about Election Fraud if we want to turn our situation in Wisconsin and in this country around. It is time to RISE up again and become informed and inform others about ELECTION FRAUD.... JOIN THIS GROUP NOW | Election Integrity"

Comment by | Sierra C.Nolan posted on Defend Wisconsin
"I second! If you have joined any groups in connection with the last 3 months in Fitzwalkerstan, you should also join this one. It all comes down to elections and if we can't ensure they are fair, nothing else we are doing will matter. Please join the group, follow along silently or chime in anytime, but this is it. This is how we get rid of Walker."

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Posted on Election Integrity by | Richard Charnin

Another way of looking at it: Probability of 1989 SF earthquake occurring within 10 minutes of the start of the World Series between two Bay area teams vs.50 consecutive Verona, Wisconsin ballots for Prosser...
Event Probability
1.Giants win NL pennant 0.05
2.Oakland wins AL pennant 0.05
3.Major SF earthquake in 1989 0.01
4.Quake on Opening Day of WS 0.00274
5.Quake within 10 min of start of game 0.00069
Total Prob = 1*2*3*4*5 = 4.76E-11
or 1 in 21,024,000,000
(1 in 21 BILLION)
Probability of 50 Consecutive Verona ballots
for Prosser:1 in 1 TRILLION trillion.

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Once again we are in a Media BlackOUt.