Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy Milwaukee: “Drop the Charges and Release Austin Thompson!”

Occupy Milwaukee
Oct. 20, 2011

Contact: Hannah Engber, 608-386-9972
... Khalil Coleman, 414-779-4805
Occupy Milwaukee:
"Drop the Charges and Release Austin Thompson!”
Milwaukee- Occupy Milwaukee organized a nonviolent “Teach In” to protest TARP bailout recipient M&I Bank on Oct. 20, 2011 at 12:00pm at 770 N. Water St.
Participants followed a script and left the building when asked. Police targeted Austin Thompson, an African-American organizer who led the Teach In, and arrested him later outside of the bank.
It’s been reported that Mr. Thompson stated to bank tellers that this is a “hostile takeover.” At no point during this demonstration did Mr. Thompson say these words or use any language that could be construed as threatening, hostile, or that would’ve endangered anyone in the bank.
“This is an attempt to criminalize Occupy Milwaukee and all those fighting against the greed and corruption of the banks, corporations, and elected officials” commented Occupy Milwaukee organizer and protest participant Khalil Coleman.
We call on all supporters and concerned individuals to share this and contact the District Attorneys office at 414-278-4646 and demand all charges be dropped against Austin Thompson.

View the outdoor video and the news article..about the TEACH-IN arrest HERE...
Please take a moment and help learn more about this situation. It is important that we all be informed and inform others... care, share, and support the truth..

Man arrested during protest at Milwaukee bank - JSOnline

Man arrested during protest at Milwaukee bank - JSOnline

I was THERE EVery Minute - "this is a hostile takeover"|"These Words were NEVER" SPoken Cindy Marie P.

Cindy Marie P LIES ~ I was THERE EVery Minute - These Words were NEVER SPoken - We Must get all 30+ People/Witensses to TESTIFY!
A man who has been involved in past protests in Milwaukee was arrested Thursday ...after bank tellers said he walked into a downtown Milwaukee M&I branch and yelled something to the effect of "this is a hostile takeover," according to the Milwaukee Police Department....

However, people who identified themselves as participants in the gathering organized by Occupy Milwaukee said no one had threatened the bank or anyone else. The group is an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which focuses on the role large banks and multinational corporations play in government and the economy.

A video posted on the group's Facebook page late Thursday afternoon carried about nine minutes of footage from Thursday's protest. The video does not give a complete record of the gathering; it's not clear what might have happened before or after filming, or whether the video was edited.

At different points in the video, police can be seen in the background observing the event. Then, a man at the center of the protesters yells: "Folks, this is not a recession, this is a robbery. We are being robbed, and they're stealing and taking away from us every day."

At that point, officers can be seen on the video interceding and taking the man away. They refused to give any reasons for the arrest to other protesters.

Here is a link to the full video outside the bank.. we have yet to locate any video from inside but the bank. Pay careful attention to what the "teacher" says just before his arrest....

This video documents the efforts of a disciplined and dedicated group of concerned local Milwaukee citizens now UNITED by Occupy Milwaukee (a group affiliated with Occupy Wall St.). One of several goals of this group is to bring the immoral actions of the banks to the attention of the public.

Link to the Press Release
from Occupy Milwaukee refuting the accusation that any
"this is a hostile takeover" was stated at any time by any occupy protester while inside the bank." DROP The Charges | occupy-milwaukee-drop-charges-and.html

Videos of Occupy Milwaukee

Videos of Occupy Milwaukee