Friday, March 11, 2011

Capitalism Hits the Fan - Richard Wolff

The Rachel Maddow Show "Unpopulism"

How the rich soaked the rest of us

Richard Wolff,

"...a rather vicious cycle has been at work for years. Reduced taxes on the rich leave them with more money to influence politicians and politics. Their influence wins them further tax reductions, which gives them still more money to put to political use. When the loss of tax revenue from the rich worsens already strained government budgets, the rich press politicians to cut public services and government jobs and not even debate a return to the higher taxes the rich used to pay. So it goes – from Washington, to Wisconsin, to New York City.

How do the rich justify and excuse this record? They claim that they can invest the money they save from taxes and thereby create jobs, etc. But do they? In fact, cutting rich people's taxes is often very bad for the rest of us (beyond the worsening inequality and hobbled government it produces)."

Protest signs support historical perspective

Police remove protestors from WI Assembly antechamber (part 1 of 2)

This is what losing our democratic rights looked like in Madison yesterday.

PETITION: Stop the Republican assault on workers' rights

PETITION: Stop the Republican assault on workers' rights: "PETITION: Stop the Republican assault on workers' rights:"
Historical Document: Wisconsin Students Planning School Walkout to Protest End of Collective Bargaining
The Daily GOOD

Historic Moment....Why, When,and Where the Protest Started.

2011-02-11 - Walker - Student Union Protest - UW Madison

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"I believe in public service. that is what this attack is all about."

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Historic Moment....why,when,and where the protest started.
University of Wisconsin Madison Campus: Students and TA's protest Scott Walker's attempt to bust up unions on Saturday.

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