Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Occupy Canada | CP24- Large group of protesters gather at city hall

My friend and colleague in this battle against plutocratic neo-conservatism, Derek, a moderator on this page, was arrested tonight in Toronto. As many as 1,000 protesters, Occupiers, were at Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto City Hall) to protest the proposed cuts to needed public services as suggested by our ultra right-wing mayor, Rob Ford.

This clip shows Derek getting arrested in an underground parking garage, wearing a green jacket. Derek was reportedly punched in the face and had his camera smashed for filming the action taking place.

SO-LI-DA-RI-TY. #RiseUp! -Jon
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More Than 1 Million Signatures Collected for Scott Walker Recall | Mother Jones

More Than 1 Million Signatures Collected for Scott Walker Recall | Mother Jones

Wisconsin Moves Forward with Walker Recall www.progressive.org

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up
A few hundred Wisconsinites braved the frigid cold to witness history in the making this afternoon, as more than one million signatures asking for the recall of Governor Scott Walker were dropped off at the Government Accountability Office in downtown Madison.

Scott Fitzgerald recall effort reaches 20,600 signatures, exceeds goal by nearly 4,000 - Isthmus

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up shared a link.
Organizers of a grassroots campaign to recall Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald announced that they were submitting more than enough signatures -- 20,600 -- to state election officials Tuesday to trigger a recall election against the Republican senator from Juneau. The number of sign...

Boxes and boxes of petitions piling up at GAB.

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up
Boxes and boxes of petitions piling up at GAB.
Click "Info" on the upper left of the page to see the list of big contributors and links to the full database.

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up
In this one bright, shiny moment, the state of Fitzwalkerstan has been turned into the state of Euphoria. Can you feel the earth moving under your feet? This is a tectonic shift in American politics. I've never been prouder to be a Wisconsinite or an American. Today I can truly say that I am one in...Read More Here | ONE MILLION!

Feeling good about the recall petitions? You should be worried instead.

Feeling good about the recall petitions? You should be worried instead.

"Are you gratified by the incredible results of the recall petition drives? Well, here's an important caveat that I want every Wisconsinite to start thinking about SOON. And trust me, this isn't just tinfoil hat stuff.

Most will agree that the stakes here in Wisconsin are tremendous - not only for the state but for the entire country. MILLIONS of dollars are already being poured into the state by various interests in an effort to influence the outcomes.

Going beyond even just the money, most readers will agree that certain stakeholders -- both in Wisconsin and outside Wisconsin -- will do literally anything in their power to try to ensure that the recall elections come out the way they want them to." Grant Petty Read More Here | Feeling good about the recall petitions?

"IMPORTANT ADDENDUM: RIGHT AFTER I wrote the above note, I was pointed to this brand new video of a jaw-dropping press conference from just a few days ago (Jan. 12, 2012) in Tuscon, Arizona. Almost everything discussed in this press conference is potentially applicable to Wisconsin as well. It reinforces the points I made above more powerfully than anything I've seen so far. Please watch and share widely! "Grant Petty


English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout - Wikimedia Foundation

English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout - Wikimedia Foundation

To: English Wikipedia Readers and Community
From: Sue Gardner, Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director
Date: January 16, 2012

Today, the Wikipedia community announced its decision to black out the English-language Wikipedia for 24 hours, worldwide, beginning at 05:00 UTC on Wednesday, January 18 (you can read the statement from the Wikimedia Foundation here). The blackout is a protest against proposed legislation in the United States — the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives, and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) in the U.S. Senate — that, if passed, would seriously damage the free and open Internet, including Wikipedia.

This will be the first time the English Wikipedia has ever staged a public protest of this nature, and it’s a decision that wasn’t lightly made. Here’s how it’s been described by the three Wikipedia administrators who formally facilitated the community’s discussion. From the public statement, signed by User:NuclearWarfare, User:Risker and User:Billinghurst:

It is the opinion of the English Wikipedia community that both of these bills, if passed, would be devastating to the free and open web.
Over the course of the past 72 hours, over 1800 Wikipedians have joined together to discuss proposed actions that the community might wish to take against SOPA and PIPA. This is by far the largest level of participation in a community discussion ever seen on Wikipedia, which illustrates the level of concern that Wikipedians feel about this proposed legislation. The overwhelming majority of participants support community action to encourage greater public action in response to these two bills. Of the proposals considered by Wikipedians, those that would result in a “blackout” of the English Wikipedia, in concert with similar blackouts on other websites opposed to SOPA and PIPA, received the strongest support.
On careful review of this discussion, the closing administrators note the broad-based support for action from Wikipedians around the world, not just from within the United States. The primary objection to a global blackout came from those who preferred that the blackout be limited to readers from the United States, with the rest of the world seeing a simple banner notice instead. We also noted that roughly 55% of those supporting a blackout preferred that it be a global one, with many pointing to concerns about similar legislation in other nations. Read More Here | English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout