Saturday, March 12, 2011

Debbie Kuykendall: Emergency detention petition needed for Walker

"For the safety of the public and Scott Walker, we ask that an order of emergency detention be granted."


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Fitzgerald: 14 Sen. Democrats are still in contempt of the Senate

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald today said in a press release the 14 Senate Democrats who will be celebrated at the Capitol today should be ashamed.

“Their appearance at the Capitol today is in direct violation of the contempt order issued by the state Senate earlier this month, and it proves their absolute disregard for the institution of the Senate and the constitution they took an oath of office to serve," Fitzgerald said.

On March 3, Senate Republicans passed a resolution authorizing the Senate Democrats to be detained by law enforcement and brought to the Senate floor. A spokesman for Fitzgerald said while the Dems continue to be in contempt, they will not be detained today.

“To the Senate Democrats: when you smile for the cameras today and pretend you’re heroes, I hope you look at that beautiful Capitol building you insulted. And I hope you’re embarrassed to call yourselves senators," Fitzgerald said.

-- By Greg Bump

Rally in Lansing!

Rally in Lansing!

RECENT HISTORIC MOMENT: Wisconsin Assembly GOP Stifles Debate



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Rather than participating in the legislative process and continuing debate, WI Assembly Republicans use shady tactics to push a vote.

The legislation ends collective bargaining for public employees, gives republicans 37 new political appointees, allows the governor to sell off the state's power plants, and extends sweeping authority for the administration to cut the state's healthcare program without legislative approval.

Videos Posted by USAction: P.O.W.E.R. Walk - Milwaukee to Madison [HQ]

Videos Posted by USAction: P.O.W.E.R. Walk - Milwaukee to Madison [HQ]

P.O.W.E.R. Walk - Milwaukee to Madison [HQ]
by USAction (videos)
The P.O.W.E.R. walkers are walking from Milwaukee to Madison to defend the right to collectively bargain and the idea of public education.

Wisconsin Governor Signs Bargaining Bill, But Wider Political War Looming

Politics Daily/ Melinda Henneberger

"Democrats, energized by a three-week battle that brought tens of thousands of protesters to the capitol in Madison, have launched recall efforts against GOP state senators who supported Walker's bill. Republican majority leaders pushed the measure through the Senate after stripping it of spending sections so they wouldn't need the required 20-member quorum for money bills that Democrats had denied them by their absence.

A court challenge to the legislative process is all but certain. But judgment will also be rendered by voters on Election Day in 2012.

On Friday, the Democratic Governors Association jumped into the fray with a video claiming other Republican governors had distanced themselves from Walker's campaign against collective bargaining -- even though GOP Gov. John Kasich is promoting similar legislation in Ohio.

To the Democratic group, Walker's "brazen power grab" was an opportunity to put GOP governors on the spot with regard to worker rights. Watch the video, courtesy of the DGA." WE ARE WISCONSIN DAY OF ACTION, MADISON CAPITOL, 3:00 PM

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Farmer-Labor Tractorcade Starts at 10:00 AM!

We've been scared of them long enough – time for them
to be scared of us!

Load up the kids, get in the car, and go!

Why You Don’t Know About the Uncut Movement

Stephen Elliott-Buckley
March 11, 2011

"Now you’ll see that this is a class war: the rich and the corporation directors, who are looking to cut taxes and privatize public services to pad their profits, versus real working people who are having services, wages and benefits cut to pay for the bailouts for the irresponsible corporations.

And while we’ve been afraid of a North American Union that would be a corporate haven, we should actually be mobilizing for a North American Union whose principles are to unite for a better world for real human beings, especially the poor, and not those fake human beings called corporations.

It’s time to get Uncut!

Be an evangelist. The poorest 95% of our society needs us working together on this. But it demands solidarity!

Let’s make 2011 a massive re-democratizing year all around the world."

Jesse Jackson To Protesters "This Is A Martin Luther King moment"

Jesse Jackson Tells 50,000 in Wisconsin: 'This is a Martin Luther King Moment!'
John Nichols
February 19, 2011