Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whomever runs against Walker should be working for hand counting of the votes.

Bryan Bliss commented on Jim Mueller's post in Who should be the next Wisconsin Governor?
Whomever runs against Walker should be working for hand counting of the votes. In the Holperin recall election, Lincoln County went from using optical scanning machines to hand counting all of the ballots. His vote percentage of the vote increased 10.8% from his 2008 percentage. In all of the other counties (except Menominee) his average increase was only 1.3%. Question, Are the out of state ult...ra right-wingers who sell and program the machines flipping votes? It has happened in other states and weird things have happened here but has it happened here? We can not prove that, yet! However, for the next election we are going to prevent it where we can and find it where we can not prevent it. See us at Fighting Bob Fest under the Wisconsin Counts banner. If I were a candidate, I certainly would insist on a hand count of the votes and if they did not hand count, I would ask my supporters to write-in my name so that their votes would be hand counted.See More

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    • Betsy Wilcox But there are over 7500 voters, so if I read you correctly the Clerk needs to have prior GAB permission to hand count my ballot. Am I missing something here?

    • Bryan Bliss sorry, its confusing, a clerk (over7500) cannot decide to count all the ballots by hand, without prior gab approval, but all write in votes are hand counted regardless of how many there are. if all the voters voted write in, even while their chosen candidate was printed on the ballot, all those votes would indeed be hand counted, legally.

    • Betsy Wilcox Ok-that's what I wanted to hear. Thanks for keeping with this, Bryan.