Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bob Turner Wins Anthony Weiner’s House Seat
A businessman channeled discontent with President Obama into an upset and won the New York City district last represented by Anthony D. Weiner.
David Calderon
This is what happens when Democrats sit on their hands and count their chickens. before they hatch. It was a perfect storm. And republican bob turner got the help of some local 'democrat's' whose interests are entirely related to Israel not the U.S. economy or unemployment or medicare and social security but Israel. Nice job suckers.

    • Ed Jordan David don't you think the DNC maybe somewhat responsable? Pluss a guy not willing to do the work required? They thought this was in the bag and by the time they figered out they were behind they lost? I agree that tte state of Israel had been a factor but I feel we lost one we should not have lost! 90 years the seat was a Dem seat 90 years!

    • David Calderon Completely agree Ed. Dems were caught with their pants down (no pun intended) they better have better strategies in the future or this will not be the only seat they lose.