Sunday, September 25, 2011

Facebook Smileys (chat emoticon codes) - fsymbols

Facebook Smileys (chat emoticon codes) - fsymbols
essage. If the emoticon codes were correct, like the ones listed in here, then you'll get them changed for pictures of smiling, sad and other kinds of standard faces.

Guys from created a chat that you can access from profile page's bottom. It's a pretty crappy thing that they didn't make a list of Facebook chat emoticon codes that they parse as image icons, and not as Text Emoticons and Smileys. But a funny thing is that now I'm glad about it, because you guys come and visit my website in search of Facebook emoticons.

Facebook emoticon codes

So here are the "codes" you should type in facebook chat in order to put smileys. Facebook's chat text parser recognises these emoticon codes and shows up corresponding images of smiley faces.

All Facebook emoticons

Image: All Facebook emoticons

List of all default Facebook emoticon codes for chat.