Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pro-Life Scott Walker Accused of Abandoning Pregnant Girlfriend in College

Pro-Life Scott Walker Accused of Abandoning Pregnant Girlfriend in College
Here’s what Dr. Gillick heard Scott Walker say that drove her to come forward, “First off, let me be clear, set the stage here … I’ve had a high level of integrity all the way back to my early days as a kid when I earned the rank of Eagle Scout, and have shown that during my time in the State Assembly, as the County Executive, and now as the Governor of the State of Wisconsin. I will continue to have high integrity long after I’m in this position and long after this whole process is complete.”
This most likely won’t be cleared up before the recall election, but in truth, this is just another drop in a bucket of Walker’s unethical behavior. There is enough without this story to determine that giving Scott Walker political power is a bad thing. If it is true, Ruth and her child are just another example of Walker’s ruthless, relentless ambition.
We don’t have the facts; what we have is a seemingly credible witness putting her career on the line to inform the public of something she thinks is relevant to Scott Walker’s career.
Dr. Gillick will be targeted for this, and it will be ugly. I imagine her lawyer verified her story for the sake of protecting her legally, but that won’t stop the dangerous faction of the conservative movement, whose interest in the truth is too often non-existent.
True or not, this wouldn’t compel the pro-life segment to drop their support for Walker, but if it’s true, it would reflect further upon Walker’s integrity.