Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On Equal Pay Day, Lena Taylor Endorses Tom Barrett for Governor

On Equal Pay Day, Lena Taylor Endorses Tom Barrett for Governor

MILWAUKEE -- Barrett for Wisconsin released the following statement today from progressive champion and 'Wisconsin 14' member state Senator Lena Taylor, who has announced her endorsement of Tom Barrett for governor.

"At this pivotal moment in Wisconsin's history, we need a governor who will focus on jobs, not extreme partisanship and an ideological agenda. We need a governor who will strengthen our classrooms, not slash funding for them. We need a governor who will honor and respect working people, not wage an assault on the rights that protect them. And on Equal Pay Day, we need a governor who understands that we must all be treated fairly, and that we cannot discriminate against women, or anyone for that matter, in the workplace.

"Tom Barrett will be this governor. He will fight for jobs, for education, for restoring collective bargaining rights. And as we recognize Equal Pay Day, I know he will fight to restore the state protections against workplace pay discrimination that Scott Walker took away. He will fight to end Scott Walker's war on women."

"During the historic protests last year, Wisconsin men and women made their voices heard against Walker's radical agenda. The Wisconsin 14 stood up to his assault on our values. And Tom Barrett will continue this fight as our next governor. He will defeat Scott Walker, end the ideological civil war and get Wisconsin moving forward."