Tuesday, June 5, 2012

WI Citizens for Election Protection | Jim Mueller

 WI Citizens for Election Protection Urge people to use paper ballots and avoid the touch screen machines that so many small municipalities are pushing people to use. Insist on a paper ballot. People using the touch screen machines should "write in" (type in) their choices in the write-in section. Everyone should look at the paper trail to see if it is at least recording the vote correctly on the paper (that doesn't mean that the machine recorded the vote properly in its memory but the paper is important for a recount). Voters using touch screen machines should linger at the machine a while after they vote to make sure that the machines does not cancel their vote and print out a new vote on the paper trail. If a touch screen voting machine flips a vote that is more likely evidence of fraudulent or incorrect programming and adjusting than it is of voter mistake. Filipping incidents should be loudly reported, documented and a request should be made to remove the machine from further usage and sequester it for examination by independent experts. Report the incident bny phone and in writing to the GAB and to this Facebook page.