Friday, September 16, 2011

Analyzing the Brew-Ha-Ha at the Madison Capitol | The Progressive

Analyzing the Brew-Ha-Ha at the Madison Capitol | The Progressive

Thank you, Rebecca Kemble, for this awesome article. "These acts are not done to curry favor with anyone, to build political campaigns, or to win popularity contests. They are fairly desperate expressions of outrage by people who are holding a cultural and social space until such time as others rise up in an organized, committed fashion against the destruction of the commons and our supposedly democratic institutions."
On Wednesday night, activist networks were abuzz with news of the presence of Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder, Rep. Robin Vos, co-chair of the powerful Joint Committee on Finance, and Rep. John Nygren at a local bar in Madison.

"Miles is one of a very loosely knit group of a few hundred activists in Madison who have kept up a consistent, daily oppositional presence at the Capitol and on the trail of Scott Walker and other Republican legislators. Through the Solidarity Sing Along and other activist organizing over the past seven months, these people have kept the spirit of resistance alive. As one person told me, “I’m here for the 100,000 other people who were with us on the streets in February and who would like to be here now but they can’t.”

We are bearing daily witness to the coup d'etat that has taken place in Wisconsin and that continues to be rolled out on a daily basis in dozens of ways in our communities. When citizens are not given a voice in their government and laws are made to silence and disempower us, and when the mainstream media does such a poor job of reporting on the radical corporatist agenda being implemented at such an alarming pace, acts such as pouring a beer over the head of one of the inner circle of conspirators and calling him out in public are tokens of resistance that draw attention to the fact that we’re still here and ready to fight."Read More Here

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