Thursday, May 31, 2012

Feingold Revs Up Crowd for Barrett | The Progressive

Feingold Revs Up Crowd for Barrett | The Progressive
But Feingold said there are three sufficient reasons for recalling Walker.
“Number one: He committed a surprise attack on the people of Wisconsin,” Feingold said, by going after workers’ rights and voting rights. “These are fundamental rights,” he argued.
“Secondly, the tactics he used were outrageous. They were ruthless,” Feingold said. He mentioned the squelching of debate in the state legislature and the manipulation of the state supreme court. These tactics were “unforgivable,” he said.
“Number three, the governor’s people are under investigation for criminal conduct,” Feingold said.
Each of these reasons, taken alone, would be sufficient to remove Walker from office, Feingold argued.
“If we do not prevail,” he warned, “Scott Walker will have committed the perfect political crime. Don’t let him get away with it.”