Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Take Action » Food & Water Watch

Take Action » Food & Water Watch
Today, thousands of people across the country are calling on President Obama to put safe water over dirty energy and ban the dirty practice of fracking.

Join the National Day of Action to Ban Fracking — make a call today.

President Obama's energy policy relies on greater use of natural gas in quantities that can only be obtained through fracking. His team has been listening to insiders with ties to big oil and gas companies, but its time he heard from you that fracking is not the answer. Make a call and join the movement to ban fracking!

Today is our National Day of Action to Ban Fracking. President Obama once said, "The achievements of the past were possible because ordinary Americans demanded them." With your help, and the help of more than 600 volunteers on the ground, we're letting President Obama know that ordinary Americans want him to take a stand for clean water.

President Obama has the power to guide our country's energy policy. He needs to make a choice: will we depend on technologies that destroy our water and communities, or will we move toward a new, clean energy future? Help him make the right choice by calling the White House today!

Fracking or hydraulic fracturing involves the injection of huge volumes of toxic fluids laced with carcinogens underground at high pressures to fracture shale rock and release natural gas. Much of the wastewater is toxic — and even radioactive — and remains below the surface where it can migrate into aquifers. Hydrofracking is largely exempt from federal environmental laws and the entire process is exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Take part in our National Day of Action to Ban Fracking by calling the White House today!

Make a call for clean water today (888-498-2945):
President Obama needs to put an end to fracking and put clean water ahead of dirty energy and put an end to fracking.
Call the White House comment line (888-498-2945)
and tell them that President Obama must protect all Americans by banning fracking in the United States. or enter your phone number ...